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complete ongoing procurement service

At Unicorn Commercial, we offer our clients a complete ongoing procurement service. Many brokers simply price everything on a like for like basis, with a few suppliers – you deserve much more. As standard we will:

Ensure that the new contacts are implemented swiftly and accurately. We will work with the current and new suppliers to ensure that there are no objections and that the supplies are transferred correctly.

We will validate all bills, against contracted rates and projected consumption levels. If there are any issues regarding rates, these will be dealt with promptly. Any unusual consumption levels will be highlighted and discussed with yourself, and if they are in error, they will be dealt with promptly.

Should any additional work be required, for example new, upgraded or downgraded supplies, this will be provided at no extra cost.You will be provided with a Client Line number which is available 7 days per week, to manage any out of hours issues.

Subject to availability of copy bills and contracts, we will audit your previous 6 years energy expenditure and manage any refunds.We will arrange a heating and lighting survey of the premises, identifying and recommending any changes to heating and lighting systems, to reduce your energy expenditure.

We will review your reactive power usage and load factor, to potentially increase efficiency and further reduce costs.We will analyse your usage patterns, and make recommendations regarding future working patterns, which may allow you to negotiate better unit rates in the future.

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